2023 application for British Chevening Scholarships begins

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chevening scholarships
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According to Fully Funded Scholarships, the British Chevening Scholarships opened on the 21st of June, 2022.

The Chevening Scholarship is an international scholarship, funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, that lets foreign students with leadership qualities study at universities in the United Kingdom.

The site reports that “from July 2022, fully-funded British Chevening Scholarships 2023 batch applications will be opened for international students to help them grab an opportunity to study for free in United Kingdom Universities.

“Leaders from all across the world can apply to the Chevening Scholarships that are available in the UK.  These British Scholarships let the students earn a master’s degree in the subject area of their choice. Students applying to it must be influential and full of passion. They must possess leadership skills and drive to serve society.  The master’s programs offered by Chevening are for one year” the site reports.

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Chevening Scholarships 2023 Applications:

Please note that the Chevening Scholarship is fully funded and covers all the educational expenses of the students like airfare, accomodation, tuition, etc. Students are free to focus on their education and pursue their goals. Recipients of Chevening Scholarships will be able to reside in the UK for one year during which they can experience everything that can make them grow academically. They will develop professional skills and will be a part of a thriving culture.”, Fully-funded Scholarships report.

Allowances and Value of Chevening Scholarship

The benefits of the Chevening Scholarships are as follows:

*            Full tuition fee support

*            Economy class travel to and from the recipient’s home country

*            An arrival or settlement allowance

*            Coverage cost for application of clearance visa

*            An allowance at the time of departure

And lots more. You can see details on the website.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Chevening Scholarships:

*            Students must be from a Chevening-approved country. If you are reading this from Nigeria then you don’t have any problem as Nigerians are quite eligible to apply. It is recorded that “for the 2019/2020 Chevening application cycle, Nigeria recorded the highest number of applications globally, with 8000 applicants from Nigeria and about 6000 eligible applications. The UK Government has awarded Chevening scholarship to 49 Nigerians for the 2020/2021 Chevening cycle”

*            Applicants must be returning to their home countries once the period of their awards ends.  They must serve in their home countries for at least two years.

*            They must have completed their undergraduate degree and all the prerequisites required for them to get admitted into a master’s program in the UK.

*            They must possess two years of work experience

*            They must have applied to at least three universities in the UK (ones that are approved by the scholarship program) and must have received an offer letter from at least on of them.

*            The application window for the Chevening scholarship will open in July 2022.

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Application Process of Chevening Scholarships

If you are interested in the UK Chevening Scholarship? Carefully go through the steps of filling a UK Scholarship applciation below in order to successfully submit an application.  Follow the link below or click here to apply. 

* Find your home country in the list of Chevening partner countries

* Fill out the Chevening Scholarship application form and submit all the required document

* Submite the application before the application deadline.  Remember that it takes about eight months from when the application start getting reviewed after the application deadline to when the applicants get selected for the scholarship.

Required Documents to submit and applciation for Chevening Scholarships:

*            Reference Letters

*            Study plan, research proposal

*            (SOP) Statement of purpose

*            Letter of motivation

*            Academic Transcripts

*            Intent letter

*            Offer letter from at leasr one of the three universtities the applicant applied to.

*            Scanned copy of passport or National Identity Card

*            English language test results of the candidates whose first language is not English and who haven’t proviously been to an instituion that uses English as its primary medium of instrution.

Upload the documents in PDF format and make sure that no document exceeds 5MB in size.

Application Deadline of Chevening Scholarship

All Chevening applicants must submit their education documents, references, and one unconditional UK university offer. The deadlines for these required documents are in the Chevening application timeline. Use the ‘update my application’ button above to upload them.

If you are conditionally selected for a Chevening Scholarship, it is essential that you submit these documents in order to remain in the process.

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