2023: Labour party is now the nightmare of the opposition parties – Senator Victor Umeh

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Senator Dr Victor Umeh, Labour Party Senatorial Candidate in Anambra Central has stated that the Labour party unknown before has now become a force to reckon and is now a nightmare to opposition parties.

He maintained that the 2023 General Elections will not be ‘business as usual’ considering the people’s resolve to change the status quo stressing that power is with the people and Mr Peter Obi and the Labour Party have earned the confidence and support of Electorates.

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Umeh said the power of the Labour Party now are the ordinary people. Despite the things being said about the Labour Party not having structures, they have continued to overwhelm their opponents. People from the other parties are now very panicky. Before, they were making loose statements: that the Labour Party is nothing, but today, Labour Party is their nightmare. Why is it so? Yet, the Labour Party is not sharing money.

The resolve and the will of the people to take their Nation back will determine the Election.It is better to go through a new way of thinking; our presidential candidate has ably demonstrated that he knows what the issues are—the problems and the solutions therein. And that is the reason why everybody is following Mr Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

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He incited that the Labour Party cannot be accused of misgoverning Nigeria at any point in history, they have not had that opportunity.

Victor pleaded with Nigerians to try a new thing: that is the disposition of Nigerian electorates.
You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect a differnt result.

In conclusion he said: Somebody must fix Nigeria; not those who contributed to the problems!

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