38 Suspects arrested in Lagos As Taskforce continues Mop Up Action

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The Lagos State Taskforce has In a bid to maintain normalcy within the Lekki Coastal Road, arrested 38 erring occupants.

This drastic action was carried out in the early hours of today as a rapid response to the several recalcitrant behaviours of the Lekki occupants. The Lagos State Taskforce leadership has maintained that this is for the simple reason of maintaining a serene and habitable environment for residents. Shanties and criminal hideouts are the key targets in this action.

The arrest was made in an operation, led by the chairman of the agency CSP Shola Jejeloye, carried out in the wee hours yesterday, that lasted about six hours.

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Jejeloye further stated that the makeshift shanties by the roadside were also further demolished to ensure free vehicular movement along that route.

The chairman warned all squatters and unscrupulous elements who try to call bluff of the Agencies activities to have a rethink and turn over a new leaf or risk being prosecuted. 

In a statement accredited to Gbadeyan Abdulraheem who is the Director of Press and Public Affairs, Jejeloye has instructed the road side traders, and other local commuters to move wares strictly to designated market complexes in order to curb overcrowding of the streets and roads.

“Clearing of this area will be sustained for as long as it takes till we achieve our objective of creating a society that is safe and habitable for residents and Lagosians as a whole”, he warned. 

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