53 years after the Nigeria Civil War, pictures of Gen Alexander Madiebo resurface

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In what may be described as a strange phenomenon, Nigerians have woken to see pictures of one of the commanders of the defunct secessionist group known as the Biafra, late Major General Alexander Madiebo resurface in the media space 53 years after the Nigeria Civil War that reportedly claimed over two million lives.

According to available historical records, Late General Madiebo was a commander who played a crucial role in mobilising and galvanizing the Biafran soldiers who were compelled to fight for the independence and sovereignty of the Biafran State at the time.

Findings reveal that this finest army commander, before joining forces with the late leader of the Biafran Army, late General Odumegwu Ojukwu, was in the Nigerian Army.

Nigeria Civil War, pictures of Gen. Alexander Madiebo

In the book he wrote after the war entitled: “The Nigerian Revolution and the Biafran War”, Major General Madiebo was said to have escaped from the North as a Nigerian soldier and joined the Biafran Army during the mutiny that was carried out in the Northern part of the country which, according to reports, sparked off the  Nigerian -Biafran War which was brewing intensely.

Reports have it that the late General Madiebo later fled the country in the wake of the Civil War alongside with General Ojukwu to Cote d’ivoire where they stayed in exile many had described as self-imposed.

According to available records, General Madiebo was one of the frontline commanders in the secessionist group which reports say explained why he stood beside General Ojukwu on 27th May, 1969, during the celebration of the second Anniversary of the Biafran Government at the time.

Apparently, in a move to remind Nigerians of his leading role in the Civil War saga, certain individuals decided to flood the media space with his pictures, 53 years after the widely condemned massacre of the Nigeria Civil War ended.

These pictures, according to analysts, may exhume the feelings some Nigerians have had which are in line with the recent call by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Afe Babalola, that Nigeria should be handed over to a military government for at least six months to reposition the decayed state of the nation.

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