Dangote attacked over alleged monopoly on cement production

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Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the CEO of Dangote Group, has been berated over the alleged monopoly of the production of cement in Nigeria.

The criticism comes on the heels of a threat to embark on a mammoth protest by the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) if the “ban” on Ibeto Cement is not lifted by the federal government.

Responding to the threat to embark on the protest by the IYC, Nigerians noted that it is abysmal for one person or company to monopolize cement production in the country.

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“This protest is long overdue,” Aloefuna Chinoso (@Aloefuna1) said in a statement on X.

“How will you monopolize the production of essential products like cement because of government backing, and then make the cost of the product exorbitantly high?

“Look at the cost of housing in Nigeria because of the high cost of cement, all thanks to one man, Dangote.

“The fact is that Dangote is one of the economic enemies of Nigeria, but unfortunately, the government is supporting him,” he added.

Noting he does not support or promote violence, Mr. Kay (@RealMrKay) stated that the federal government should “adhere to this and lift the ban on Ibeto Cement to foster a competitive market, which will bring about a price reduction.

“Those days, there used to be the likes of Ibeto and Eagle Cement before Dangote came and monopolized the market.

“If this cement were still on the market, there would be competition, and the prices wouldn’t be as high as 15k for a bag of cement.”

Urging the federal government to “lift the ban” on Ibeto cement, Taiwo Omoifoh (@Tehila_O) alleged that “it was Elephant and Ibeto cement in those days until someone decided to monopolize the cement business with the assistance of the government, I believe.”

In her reaction, Oluchi Kanu (@OluchiKanu1) noted that the protest “is long overdue. How can we have only one person producing cement for this big country? Why are they just this wicked?”

Describing the astute businessman as “the main problem of Nigeria,” an online troll, Jasper Ume (@UmeJasper), in a statement on X on Tuesday, March 5, 2023, alleged that the poor masses cannot afford to buy his produce at “high prices.”.

Calling for an end to the alleged monopoly, Ume noted that Nigeria should not be allowed to maintain the status quo.

Ume’s statement reads, “We are hailing and clapping for Dangote while he’s the main problem.

“Nigeria is facing monopolization of merely every essential commodity in this country.

“Not only that, he monopolized with high prices out of the reach of the poor masses. Nigerians can’t continue with this any longer.”

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