Ebeano super store is an avenue for skills transfer from Nigeria to Canada – Co-founder

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The co-founder of Ebeano Canada, a leading Nigerian super store based in Ontario, Canada,  Mr. Peters Ityohuna, has said that the establishment of Ebeano super store in Canada would create an avenue for a transfer of skills from Nigeria to Canada.

Mr. Ityohuna, who made this known while fielding questions from newsmen recently, said the dynamics of business environment in Nigeria, the unbridled quest for customer satisfaction, the finesse of a typical Nigerian businessman and  passion with which Nigerians do business would be replicated in Canada to place Ebeano super store in a vantage position to be a national brand in the North American city.

He explained that the multicultural store which first started in Lagos before it Abuja branch, was set up in Ontario in 2020 to meet the ever increasing needs of the citizens of Canada who were always traveling some distances to Toronto to do their shopping.

“We looked at driving over one hour to do their shopping. At what price do they get goods over there?”

The co-founder disclosed that as part of his commitment to constantly make Nigerian products readily available in Canada, Ebeano super store had brokered an agreement with some importers of Nigerian products for the supply of those products that are purchased daily.

“We have a standard plan. We have a container getting ready to leave Nigeria to Canada, and this time around, unlike the first time which was to test the market, it is going to right on point because we studied the market and also we have gotten feedback.

“ We have done the analysis and comparison, in terms of pricing, and we have seen that most of the things we import, we sell at a better rate than what currently exists.

“ One thing we discovered is that it is a competitive and price sensitive market. In addition to that, there are stores that existed before Ebeano and so, you have to get your strategies right before penetrating the market”.

Mr. Ityohuna, who said Ebeano is determined to create a new business concept and make a difference in the way business is done in Canada, expressed the desire of the super store to create managerial jobs and other lucrative opportunities, especially for Nigerians in Canada to express their talents and also for its customers to have a super shopping experience.

He said determined also is the dream of Ebeano to build a row of houses for Nigerians coming into Canada who might have no way to stay, until they could secure a place of their own.

The co-founder therefore, expressed optimism that with the passion and plans on ground to provide a better life for residents of Canada, Ebeano super store will soon become Nigeria’s leading business enterprise in the North American city of Canada.

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