Electoral Fraud: Nigerians react as Tribunal fix dates to hear Peter Obi’s case against Tinubu

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The Election Petition tribunal has fixed the 10th, 12th and 13th of May, 2023 for the hearing of Mr. Peter Obi’s case against the acclaimed winner of the February 25th Nigeria Presidential election – Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Mr. Obi contested against the PDP Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and the APC Bola Ahmed Tinubu in one of the adjudged most keenly contested elections in Nigeria since the return of Democracy in 1999.

However, while the election results were being announced, pundits believed that Mr. Obi was rigged to the third position by the trio of the Federal Government, APC and the INEC to scuttle any opportunity of the winner reclaiming his mandate at the tribunal.


Mr. Obi is however not contesting the outcome of the election result but the process for which Mr. Tinubu was allowed to contest the said election and subsequently declared the winner despite being alleged to be an ex-convict on drug related offences in Chicago – USA.

The court ordered “that the funds in the amount of $460,000 in account in the name of Bola Tinubu represents proceeds of narcotics or were involved in financial transactions in violation of 18 U.S.C ss 1956 and 1957 and therefore these funds are forfeited to the United States.” – Sahara Reporters

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois had released documents holding Bola Tinubu’s encounter with American authorities over allegations of narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

Mr Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress and former Lagos governor, was under intense public ridicule and political onslaught for his role in an early 1990s drug trafficking case in Chicago.

In the document, a fine of $460,000 was slammed on Bola Tinubu of Nigeria for his involvement in the case.

The APC had dismissed the allegations saying that Tinubu, who was its candidate, merely surrendered funds in 10 bank accounts that were opened in either his name or that of Compass Finance and Investment Co.

Yakubu Mahmood led INEC faced criticisms over delays and allegations of fraud in the country’s presidential election

Meanwhile as NaijaWin published the news of tribunal hearing coming up on the above dates, Nigerians has expressed fear over the process. Read some of the reactions below.

Don Dimma @DonDimma2 “Na wa ooh. I thought the Judges would have been evenly picked according to the six regions of South-east,South-south,South-west, North-central,North-east and North-west to reflect the spirit and character of our Diversity as a nation? These looks like a one region affairs

Benedict Okereke @obenok “APC places its hope on the Supreme Court judges. APC people boasted during the last election campaign that Tinubu influenced the appointments of many of today’s Supreme Court judges.”

Sabo Ameh @AmehSabo “This issue should have been dealt with by the election tribunal long time ago, and by now, it should be at the supreme Court for a final decision. From the look of things, the president SELECT may be sworn in before the supreme Court makes a judgment.”

Andy Jahmaster @AIgbanugo “This is impossible, they want to swear in Tinubu before the verdict?
What if Tinubu change the whole systems and appoint a new chief justice of federation,?”

Ben Bassey @ministryofdWord “God hates falsehood. God is a lover of truth. Only the truth can make man free indeed ( John 8:32,36). Let’s keep HOPE alive. We are praying continually. Our God is the most powerful. God is with us as a mighty terrible one…Jeremiah 20:11. Thank you Jesus.”

John Joe @Johnjoe22854974 “This case supposed to have been done and dusted so that the right person will be sworn in with out interference with the judicial process. Naija matter tire me Abeg”

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Edgar Ogeleka @edgar_ogeleka “The dates doesn’t matter cuz what really matters is for the Five judges to do the needful according to the laws an must not be on technicality”

Michael peter bay… @andrebraun45 “The country called Nigeria needs God help because everyone knew the truth already as for now no one knows who won the case why some people already know who won the case this is very deep but my advice to the country is this keep on praying to God almighty he is able to hear”

Timipere Allison, PhD @TimipereAllison “Appeal Court is never the problem. They’ll deliver a fair judgement. The Supreme Court is our problem.”

Widely loved and accepted Peter Obi was allegedly rigged to third place during the 2023 Presidential election to stop him from reclaiming his mandate at the tribunal.

Aigbokie Michael @aigbokiem “My concerns now is that the process for justice is so lengthy, as the so-called swearing ceremony is just thirty days from now, however let keep hope alive.”

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