Photo News: Somtochukwu Anthony Iwegbu and Obinna Ojini’s great day

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Sometimes you wonder who is happier during a graduation ceremony?

The parents who have longed over the years to see their babies grow to adult or the young man/lady?

In either case there is an exceeding joy. All are fulfilments of a dream. In the shots we have below, two great youngsters came out in flying colors during their respective graduation.

Flanked by their parents, Lekki Times brings you a shot from Somtochukwu Anthony Iwegbu and Obinna Ojini’s great day.

Somtochukwu Anthony Iwegbu graduated with Magna Cum Laude grade(3.9/4.0) in Mechanic Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. Here the parents, Mr and Mrs Peter Iwegbu celebrate with him.

MSc Graduation event of Obinna Ojini at University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA flanked by proud parents Ogbueshi Dr. Vincent and Claire Ojini

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