I drove Rivian’s new R1S it’s like 3 dream cars wrapped up in one ultra-cool electric SUV

The R1S is the second consumer vehicle from Rivian, a California electric-car startup.

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It’s extraordinarily difficult to create a new car company from scratch. It’s another feat entirely to land on the scene with vehicles that can convince buyers to give their hard-earned cash to an unproven upstart.

That’s exactly what California-based electric-vehicle startup Rivian has accomplished — first with the groundbreaking R1T pickup truck launched in September, and now again with the R1S, a fantastic large SUV that should start making its way to reservation holders in August.

If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle that’s an off-road explorer, a thrilling sports car, and a plush family-hauler all in one, the R1S deserves a spot at the top of your list. It’s a multitool in vehicle form that’s thoughtfully designed, stuffed with interesting features, and profoundly capable both on-road and off.

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What is the Rivian R1S?
Rivian specializes in rugged, high-end EVs for outdoorsy types, and the R1S is its second consumer model. It’ll eventually start at $72,500 for a basic, dual-motor version. But the first model available — which I drove at an event the company hosted last month — has four motors and costs $90,000.

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