Knighthood: Knight of St.Mulumba admits 47 members

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Sir Don Eze. Metropolitan Grand Knight of St.Mulumba, Lagos Metropolitan Council

Forty-seven members of Catholic Church members in Lagos State, on Saturday, 15 April 2023, were inducted into the 3rd Degree Knighthood of St. Mulumba.

The investiture ceremony, which was performed by the  Metropolitan Grand Knight, Sir Don Ezeh after all the knights had received instructions and communions from Metro Council Chaplain, Monsignor Paschal Nwaezeapu, witnessed a large turnout.

Ezeh told the celebrants that the 3rd degree is the most vibrant degree in their KSM Knighthood journey, adding that such a degree represents energy, commitment, resilience and “can do” spirit.


“Today is a day of joy and celebration. You have demonstrated commitment and resilience through the last 10 plus years to arrive at this unique destination. We join your family and friends in celebrating you, and with you. We toast to your well-deserved success story.

“The 3rd degree is arguably the most vibrant degree in our KSM Knighthood journey – representing energy, commitment, resilience and “can do” spirit! Perhaps that’s why the 3rd Degree colour is Royal purple. It is a milestone which proves that you have been fully tried and tested, that you have gone through “the furnace” as it were, and you’ve come out refined and of the highest quality.

“So, I say to you ‘Be Worthy’ – ‘Esto Dignus’ is an inscription on an old Knights of Colombus Squire badge. It asks that you strive to be and remain Exemplary! Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven…! (Matthew 5: 13 – 16).

“We call and address ourselves as ‘Worthy Brothers and Sisters’. In the real sense it is actually an exhortation for you (for us) to be and to remain worthy,” he said.

Speaking during his welcome address, Ezeh urged the inductees to be worthy in their personal and family life – in their unconditional commitment to and care for their spouse, in their nurture and disciplined guidance of their children – to ensure they become responsible and responsive members of the society. He said, “This is your primary assignment and responsibility. You must do whatever it takes to ensure success on this.”

“Be Worthy in your support to the Church, your Community and the Society.

“Be Worthy in Decision making – always choosing to do or support the more difficult and hard RIGHT over the easy.

“WRONG. Be Worthy in the positions you choose to take on important issues, in your advocacy and support for what is morally right – even when there are pressures (personal, social, economic, political) and there are consequences for your choice.

“Do not sacrifice your Integrity or join the bandwagon in choosing the easy Wrong. Be a beacon of light even in the darkness around you. Our Lord God will vindicate and bless you in special ways,” he said.

He, however, thanked Nwaezeapu for officiating Investiture Mass celebration, WSK and Supreme Officers in attendance. Ezeh also expressed his gratitude to all worthy brothers and sisters, 3rd Degree Investees – on whose behalf they all gathered to celebrate on Saturday.

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He added: “I thank WB Philip Obioha and WB Charles Nmarkwe – Chairman and Secretary, and members of the Organizing Committee – for putting together top-quality first-class event delivery. I welcome and thank all Grand Knights and Lady Presidents who presented the candidates. I welcome the WMP, Metro Officers KSM/LSM and thank you for your commitment and dedication to ensuring that Lagos Metro remains the Number 1 Metro Council in KSM Nigeria.”

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