Knights and Ladies of St. Mulumba VGC subcouncil roll out Series of Mental health campaign

In a powerfully delivered lecture as part of their Monthly February 2024 meeting held recently, Dr Mrs. CHINYERE C. OKONKWO.

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There are 8 components of Mental Health Identified thus;

1.Physical Health:
This is the state of your physiological wellbeing. It determines how your mood and mind functions.Being physically healthy means adopting a suitable healthy habit that promotes one’s Physical wellbeing. Example, having rest at the right time, eating the right healthy meal and at the right time, helps you stay optimal with the ability to do things.

2.Emotional Health
This is one’s ability to express the right emotions appropriately. Example, when you are told a sad story and it makes you laugh, it shows you are not emotionally healthy. When one’s emotional senses, nerves and consciousness is intact, it mens such a person is emotionally healthy. It is one who is positively sensitive to his/her environment that is emotionally healthy.

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3.Social Health
This is the state of being socially at peace with your environment, family, neighbours,friends and everyone arround you.

4.Intellectual Health
This is the state of being open to learning irrespective of your age, exposure or status. It has to do with one’s consciousness of knowing of knowing that he/she does not know everything. When one is open to new ideas, knowledge and is teachable even when such a person has attained the highest academic, social and financial status, then such person can be said to be intellectually healthy.

5.Environmental Health
This is the state of being knowledgeable and aware of your environment to be able to live safe within it. Example, when someone is able to manage the weather and climate changes and still lives healthy in it, it means such a person is environmentally healthy. Therefore contributing to your environmental safety and sustainability, means you are environmentally healthy.

6.Spiritual Health
This si the state of being in good relationship with the almighty God. Spiritual health is determined by the level of relationship one has with God. It has a lot to do with one’s beleive system and personal relationship which should culminate into holiness and righteousness before God, such that when one drops dead, his/her eternal life is quaranteed.

A cross section of Ladies of St. Mulumba

7.Occupational Health
This is the ability to function at different occupational levels by mastering all task and occupational obligations. When you have a sound Relationship with your colleagues, then it can be said you are occasionally healthy.

8.Financial Health
This is one’s ability to utilize his finances amidst economic realities. It has to do with you being able to manage or meet to your basic needs without living beyond your budget. When you cut your clothe according to your financial ability. Being financially healthy entails effective management and control of your limited resources withi your earnings or income. To live a healthy financial life, you must not borrow above your income. You need not to build walls of liability arround you that your income cannot meet up with.

1.Connect with a professional, independent councellor/therapist who will take you through the concerns of your mental health.
2.Talk to your good friends who care about your wellbeing
3.Do the right thing you enjoy which is within your capacity.
4.Do not hesitate in saying No when and where necessary. All you want is not all you need. You have to prioritize your wants and needs.
5.Strive to live a work life balance life, and strike abalance amongs your Job, family and social/community life.
✔Balance of work life deaals with how cordial you are with your colleagues at work..
✔Balance of family life deals with how cordial you are with your immediate and extended family relatives, by reaching out and relating to them.
✔Balance of commumity life includes doing your part to positively live up to your religious and social obligations.

A cross section of the Knights of St. Mulumba during an interactive session.

6.Learn to forgive – When you forgive, you acheive inner peace and sanity.
7.Unwine yourself to eaze off stress. Example, take a time off from your overwhelming schedule and work, to relax, ease tension and regain your sanity.
8.You can exercise by dancing to your music tunes indoor.
9.Avoid alcoholic drinks especially at this lenten season, so that you do not try to resolve one problems and end up creating another.

Your mental health is the most critical part of your life. This is because, every thing we have, do and will become depends on our mental health.

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