Lagos launches N5m Sustainable Development Goals grant

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The Lagos State Government has launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Grant Competition that will see each winner receive N5 million grant to executive a project in one of the SDGs.

Special Adviser to the Governor on SDGs and Investment, Mrs Solape Hammond at a news conference in Alausa, said the Lagos SDGs Grant Competition was conceived as part of the strategy to mobilise collective action to advance progress on the SDGs through social, economic, and environmental initiatives that are positive, transformative, collaborative, and scalable.

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She explained that the Challenge is seeking projects that offered smarter, faster ways to make real progress on the 17 Goals and transform the society to a more resilient.

“This grant competition is open to Civil Society Organisations, Social Impact Ventures and Non-Governmental Organisations within Lagos state. It will award the sum of N5 million each to 3 winning ideas that targets each of the SDGs. In total, the grant seeks to fund 51 projects addressing SDG targets (3 projects per SDG) across Lagos State.

“This competition will enable the State Government to create a broader-based collaboration with the CSOs, NGOs and social entrepreneurs who are already implementing solutions to achieve the SDGs. Applicants who must have successfully passed eligibility screenings will be required to submit one project idea that addresses one of the 17 Global SDGs. The project must reflect a specific KPI, and an estimate of the total number of people that will be impacted by the project,” she said.

Hammond added that submitted projects would be reviewed by a project selection committee who would grant interviews to the most promising applicants.

She explained further that there are two categories of stakeholders responsible for supervising the competition, which are the Technical Committee for general supervision and the Project Selection Committee which comprised at least a representative of development partner, private sector, MDA and the Office of SDGs and Investment.

According to her, the project selection committee would choose 51 winning projects that would be eligible for grant prizes of ₦5,000,000 per project, saying that the proposed duration of the competition is three months.

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“The process is automated to ensure transparency and increase the chances of selecting winning ideas. Key objectives of the programme are: Mainstreaming the SDGs, amplifying the impact of key actors in the space, crowdsourcing innovative ideas that can lead to measurable impact on SDGs, encouraging civic participation of a diverse class of constituents, increasing the number of active volunteers in Lagos State and enabling greater visibility of the activities of CSOs and NGOs in Lagos State

“Applicants are expected to apply on the Lagos State Volunteer Corp website ( to enter the competition,” she said.

As it is sometimes referred to as the best ambassador of free enterprise in the world, the scheme will provide value to entrepreneurship in the State by attracting the informal sector businesses into the formal sector.

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