Obidients threaten survival of APC, PDP -Obaseki

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As the Obidients movement continue to assume an unprecedented following Governor Obaseki of Edo has signaled a warning that the 2023 general elections will mark the end of APC and PDP rulership in the country.

It’s clear now that Nigerians are getting fed up with the government and those that represent them in government. We can see that in their reactions on social media and where their actions and emotions are headed

Nobody will be spared. The new group will come in and will not spare the civil servants; they will put pressure on them and politicians will be kicked out of office.

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Edo Governor Godwin Obaseki has repeated his alert that the youth will vote and change the rotten political system in 2023 and politicians will be kicked out of office” unless they change their ways of corruption and bullion van politics.

Youths aged 18-35 constitute 71 per cent of new registered voters, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and it says they will determine who rules Nigeria from 2023.

He cited how the youth have found their voice in Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi and call themselves Obidients who are fed up and could spell doom for the two major parties, the PDP and APC.

Obasski said as a government and representatives of our people, we would be hurting ourselves if we ignore the changes that are coming and believe that things are still the same. We will all be shocked as we are beginning to see.

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People are now beginning to realise that they need to demand more from people in government and those managing their resources and commonwealth; people will go out to vote their choice or interest.

The Governor stressed that no political party today can beat its chest and say they will win or have a clear victory in the next election in the country in 2023.

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