Social media have improved real estate business-CEO, PWAN Plus

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Social media have improved real estate business-CEO, PWAN Plus

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PWAN Plus, owners of Cedarwood luxury brand, Dr. Julius Oyedemi says social media marketing has improved the real estate sector in Nigeria.

Speaking on issues affecting the real estate sector, Dr. Oyedemi revealed that a lot of private developers are running in the direction of social media.

“Social media is within the tips of the finger, and information can get to several people, and nations, simultaneously, in an instant.

“Today, social media technology is driving the world. So, what we have also done is to make our business techy, improve on technological know-how, so that people can appreciate it. The social media space has helped, to reach out to a lot of prospective buyers.”

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On the strategy to reposition the real estate sector, he posited that players in the sector need achievable goals, creativity and innovation.

“For us to reposition the real estate industry, we need innovative ideas, innovative goals, ideas that can help turn things around because, without that, we remain where we are.

“For instance, despite the pandemic, we executed two projects. One is Cedarwood luxury apartments and terraces in Ajayi Apata estate on the Sangotedo axis; another is a Cedarwood luxury bungalow at the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

“We are executing the third one now. It will amaze you that we are preaching luxury, we have promised people, beautiful architectural designs, we have built and employed the services of professionals, it shows that despite the pandemic, we still make our people enjoy affordable luxury.

“What did we do?  Number one, we made people see that this is luxury. Two, we ensured that subscribers have ample space, enjoyed other beautiful amenities and we also cut down on the costs. What should have cost people N45 million to own, we brought it down to N25 million, because in times of crisis, money is scarce.

“We have to also think of others; if we say we are offering affordable luxury, we have to think of the common man; that’s why we brought the cost down. These are innovative ways. Whilst people are still enjoying what they want, the cost is not choking them.”

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