Sound Engineer’s Murder : Lekki Residents Urge Sanwolu to enforce indefinite ban on Okada

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sound engineer's murder

Lekki Phase 1 residents in Lagos State, on Thursday urged Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to enforce the ban on commercial motorbikes operation within the estate indefinitely following the gruesome murder of Mr David Imoh by Okada riders in the state.

The chairman of the Lekki Phase 1 Residents Association, Mr Yomi Idowu, condemned the senseless murder of Imoh, adding that the press conference was called to fully brief all residents and the world that with immediate effect, ‘okada riders’ are banned from the estate.

He said: “Intelligence reports reaching us is that following the raid on okada riders, and subsequent seizure of ‘okada’ (bikes) in Lekki Phase 1, the riders believe the action was instigated by Lekki residents who are determined to take away their source of livelihood, in retaliation, there are plans by these ‘okada riders’ to invade our inner streets and cause havoc in the immediate future.”

Idowu added that the menace of okada riders in the vicinity has from time immemorial been worrisome.

He noted that the association had written many letters to the Lagos State government seeking its support in banning okada in Lekki Phase.

He added that the agitations to ban okada followed numerous incidences of security breaches including bloody armed robbery attacks, kidnappings, assassinations and ritual killings to name a few but to no avail.

“This is not the first time we are being terrorized by motorcycle riders in Lekki Phase 1, indeed. Okada has been an environmental nuisance of all seasons and almost every resident has had a fair share of sheer recklessness of its riders as thousands of motorcycles are still in the hands of criminals who use them as the easiest means of meandering their way from security operatives while carrying out their activities.

“It is obvious fact that security within Lekki Phase 1 has deteriorated alarmingly and it is imperative that we all take a collective stance and formulate joint initiatives to avert a total exposure to imminent security threats to lives and assets of our residents.

“If you recall, the Lagos State Government had called for the ban of ‘okada riders two years ago but to our chagrin, this was not properly enforced and soon enough, the menace returned. This time, LERA will take very step to ensure the law banning ‘okadas’ from our roads if Lagos State Government is fully respected and strictly adhered to by all residents and the general populace at large.

“Security is the bane of any society and our lives matter and we will continue to do our utmost best to ensure the lives and property of our residents are protected,” Idowu said.

He also appealed to government, the Ministry of Transportation to work with them so that they could erect, maintain and sustain street gates for the security of the estate.

He added: “We also call upon the Ministry of Physical Planning and NTDA to carry out raids on incomplete buildings to flush out hoodlums and miscreants that use these places as their hideouts all hands must be on deck to ensure that our safety and lives are not threatened.”

Member, Board of Trustees, LERA, Chief Emeka Nweze, said there is no problem in doing genuine businesses in Lagos. He noted that the problem arises when people come to Lagos to create problems to destabilise the economy of the state.

He stated that, Lagos as Nigeria’s business hub, requires security of people and property and will not welcome anyone who attempts to reduce the productivity of the state.

He said: “If you come to Lagos for business, there is no problem, but if you come to Lagos to cause problems, to create another issue for Nigeria, these are unacceptable because nothing must go wrong with the economy of Lago. Lagos accounts for huge percentage of GDP of Nigeria.

“So, if anything is done to affect the safety of Lagos, that means the safety of Nigeria in totality is affected and our nation economy will go down completely.”

He declared that the ban on okada riders is not a tribal affair as all tribes and nationalities like those from the North, South, West, and North are in involved in the okada business.

“What we are saying is that we don’t want reckless people riding okada around our estate, we want it to stop. We want to send message to the governor for being proactive again by proscribing okada; he did it two years ago and you still see them on the streets. We want to appeal to him to enforce it this time around so that we don’t lose our children on the roads.

Recall we initially published Late David Umo’s wife recounts how her husband was murdered in Lekki

“The young man that died, just a week ago was a father, a son, a husband, and brother. He left home to earn a decent living; he was struggling but was just murdered right here in the glare of the world. This type of death brings so many pains to the mother, and that is why we are appealing to the governor to ensure that the ban on the commercial motorcycles is indefinite,” he said.

it will be recalled that a ‘one-minute’ silence was observed in honour of late sound engineer, David Imoh, who was murdered by some lawless and troubled ‘okada riders’ in broad daylight.

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