What a country!

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The article “What a country!” is written by MR.VALENTINE OBINYEM, Media Aide.to Mr. Peter Obi

The way Mr. Selected President was being carefully guided and guarded by his security aides means that they were properly briefed on the state of his mind and body. They were clearly on their guard. Mr. President did not disappoint.

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While we commiserate with the sick everywhere, we do understand that some sicknesses are as a result of having done something that is physiologically foolish, such as consuming a lot of hard substances in the days of our youths, only to be tormented in our old ages.

Beyond politics, it is a pity that some Nigerians are supporting such an invalid as our president. We are all here and shall follow development jointly. When the time comes, people who think they are clever, including so many fake activists we have in this country, either eager for illusive fame or after their stomach, will start singing a new song: oh, I did not know that what they were saying were true!

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