Zumex, The Lord Mayor of Arondizuogu Ancient Kingdom, gives out 1st Daughter in a Marriage Extravaganza

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The Easter and Ikeji celebration gave the traditional wedding its initial momentum and the venue of the event made an indelible impression ” Zumex holiday resort”.

Weeks before the wedding, the resort was a beehive of activities; from the construction work at the event center, to the planning and finally to the celebration proper were all done with a touch of class befitting the first daughter of an accomplished man of great influence in every aspect of his endeavours.

It was a thing of joy to mingle with creme de la creme, from the red carpet walk way to the digitally equipped stage for life performance, to the 800 square meters auditorium flanked by industrial air conditioner at every corner with two giant size viewing screen and gold plated iron wrought chairs to maximize comfort.

The Lord Mayor and Daughter

It was an occasion marked with Pomp and Pageantry in all respects. From the charismatic and high falutin sounding Master of ceremony Mazi Anayo Nwankwo (Okwuruoha), the immediate past Imo State House of Assembly PDP contestant for Ideato House of Assembly Seat, to the Premium Abuja based Event Manager and Organizer, UzoAku, Umezinwa of Kinzal Concepts were on hand to ensure no details were left out.

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Ikeji Arondizuogu 2024 Carnival Extra Ordinaire

The bride and groom both from prominent backgrounds are extravagantly endowed with brain and beauty by creation. Their youthful advantage kept them bouncing on the dance floor while dollar, pounds and naira rained endlessly.


At about 2:pm invited guests came in their numbers that our camera caught a profile of them at arrival which was so prompt that the master of ceremony was unable to announce their arrival in sequence.
Half an hour later, the resort was occupied by a mixed grill of personalities sorted by the sitting arrangement.

The event took an opening progression when the groom arrived in the company of family, friends and well wishers. The groom and family were a sight to behold

According to Igbo tradition , opening prayer was said over the kola nuts presented and libation poured by Eze Iheme, Eze Kosman Kanu_(Ikenolueze)who was the royal father of the day to signify the official commencement of the ceremony.

The bride being led out by Sisters in a lemon ensemble

In a show of glamour and style the bride accompanied by her sister siblings in lemon ensemble and her friends came in to welcome her guests formerly and exchanged pleasantries before she went back to her room waiting for the marriage rites to be completed.

Assorted vintage wines, indigenous and continental dishes were on display and attendants ready to accept orders. It was a refreshment fun fare till he marriage rites were completed.
The second coming of the bride was in grand style accompanied by the bridal train, cultural troupe, the press, security personnel and others.

The Expected invited guests were about 1,000, but people invited themselves, brought seats from their homes and found themselves seating positions in the sprawling Zumex resort, knowing that it’s a Zumex event and no one will dare send security men after them. Over 3,000 in all attended the event and they had surplus to eat and drink

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