7 Top Schools in Lekki that will make you proud

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Chools in Lekki

Let’s talk about schools in Lekki, Lagos State. In my recent article I took a look at the reasons why you should invest in Lekki today which among the top reason is the industrious environment and the location of the coastal city.

Now assuming you have to move into Lekki with your family, where do you send your child to guarantee his or her education and the future.  I have taken the pains to bring you in this article, the top 7 schools in Lekki that can guarantee your child’s education.

An interactive session at New Hall

1.           New Hall International School, Lekki: New Hall International School is one of the schools in Lekki that runs academic programmes in Pre -Nursery, Nursery, Primary and Secondary education as approved by Lagos State Ministry of Education and  in line with International Schools Standards. The school’s emphasis is on National and British curricula.  Using their professional expertise, the school management and teaching staff delivers a robust scheme of work in various subjects based on both curricula. The results are strong and very vast learners who thrive above and ahead of their contemporaries, can hold their own both home and abroad.

2.           The Whitedove School Lekki: located behind Shoprite Novare Mall. The White Dove School is a private co-educational day and boarding institution that offers outstanding all-round education of international standards to children between the ages of 2 and 18. The school’s mission is to provide the best education sufficiently balanced to equip children for the highly competitive and technological world of the 21st century. To provide an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence. To equip children with the requisite intellectual skills for precision in perception, thinking and expression by helping them to respect and value their talents and develop them to the fullest.

3.           Cedar Oak School: located on Nibi Komonibo Street, Budo Peninsula Phase 2, Ajiwe. Cedar Oak School is one of the schools in Lekki you will look up to in raising your child.  The school emphasize the process of learning rather than the product. The management know as a fact that children learn differently and through various means, so they let them learn at their own pace. The classes are with low child- teacher ratios.

The school create a secure, warm, happy place for children to grow, learn and mature.  The teachers are educated and skilful, familiar with best practices in early child and primary education.

4.           Caleb British International School: Caleb British International School is a privately owned co-educational Day and Boarding Christian school, that operates on the principles of outstanding academic, Christian and moral standards for students between the ages of 11 and 17 years. Students of CBIS receive education of the highest standard and are fully prepared to secure their academic future. High Academic excellence is the hallmark of education at Caleb British International School.

Students of Caleb British International School during the Children’s day March Past Competition

5.           Lekki British International School: We can’t talk about schools in Lekki without mentioning Lekki British School.  Lekki British Senior School is the first British Boarding school in Lagos, Nigeria.  The school’s aim is to allow your child discover and develop their unique talents within a disciplined and caring, traditional British School environment.  Their Mission Statement is “To provide an environment in which each individual is assisted to discover his or her academic potential in study, sports and personal development.

Students of Lekki British International School during games

6.           Children’s International School: CIS is rightly recognised as a school where every pupil has the opportunity to maximise their academic potential.  Whether this be in the formative years within the Junior School where the foundation blocks for future success are laid, or in Secondary where their outstanding results have enabled alumni of the school to progress to some of the most highly regarded international Sixth Forms and Universities in the world.  This is achieved by setting high expectations of all their pupils and by creating stimulating classrooms in which to learn.

7.           Lagoon School Lekki: The Lagoon School aims at investing in the Nigerian girl child for the good of the society. The school have both primary and secondary sections. Over the years the school has built a reputation of high moral and academic standards. The management have been able to achieve these through their mission: ‘partnership with the parents to give an all-round education to the students, based on the dignity of the human person, integrity, leadership qualities and academic excellence’ and their vision: ‘Christian Identity’.

Now that you have known the 7 top schools in Lekki you can send your child to, can you share this article with your friends to help them make a wise decision today?

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