How many Supermarkets do we have in Lekki?

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How many Supermarkets do we have in Lekki

Tbh, I won’t bet on this but my gut feeling says that if I did bet, I’d win. So you can imagine my surprise every time I stop by Prince Ebeano and see really long queues at checkout! Made me wonder whether people don’t know there are alternatives or whether Ebeano is just a special place. So I asked on Instagram, got some pretty interesting comments and now, we’re collaborating with our friends at Living in Lekki to suggest other supermarket options in Lekki! There’s also a quick price comparison of some everyday household items (think yam, paste, harpic, indomie, etc.) at the end of this post so definitely stay tuned!

Before I dive into details of each of the identified supermarkets, here’s a quick summary of my observations as of May 2017:

Supermarkets in Lekki – Summary

Maximum points for each criteria is 10

Grandex on Fola Osibo

Super duper clean! I love it here. They’ve got a lot of Costco Kirkland items here as well. Our friends at Living in Lekki think it’s an “ijgb” kind of supermarket and pointed out that they’ve also got Hookahs for sale. I am sort of an ijgb so they’re probably right. However, if you’re about the clean shopping experience then this is a place to checkout. Variety is pretty good as well, and it’s easy to quickly see how much most items cost (although some labels were missing when I visited). There’s a space upstairs where baby/toddler and household items are sold. I also particularly like that the store is wheelchair accessible. For now, they don’t stock fruits/vegetables, but right opposite this store is A.D.S Veg Fruit (see below for more details) so you’re covered!

Supermarkets in Lekki – Grandex

NY Supermarket on Admiralty Way

I’ve stopped by NY around 10pm to grab a few things, so I and our friends at Living in Lekki definitely like that they stay open till around 11pm. If I’m not going to Grandex, this would probably be my next stop. However, I think their prices are generally higher than the prices at all the other supermarkets I checked out (see pricing comparison below). Plus, I bought some weird tasting Maltesers from here the other day, so I’m definitely still keeping an eye out for these folks. Seems like they aren’t all setup yet since upstairs was super hot and very messy when I visited recently.

Supermarkets in Lekki – NY Supermarket

Trebet on Fola Osibo

I wrote a thorough review of Trebet back in Nov 2016. They’ve got really good variety and items are usually available. My biggest issue here is that most items aren’t consistently labeled so you have to keep asking to confirm prices of items. Trebet also has an upstairs space where baby/toddler and household items are sold. They’ve got Hookahs for sale (16,500 NGN), and guava juice (latter noted because when we last visited, I grabbed a can of Star while madam Living in Lekki was drinking guava juice!!).

Supermarkets in Lekki – Trebet Supermarket

Citydia on Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Crescent

Citydia is on this list because…yam! They’ve got the cheapest tubers of yam you’d find in Lekki Phase 1. Plus, they are open till about 12am (2am on Fridays and Saturdays). A lot of items were out of stock when I visited, and I wasn’t too impressed with the variety.

Supermarkets in Lekki – Citydia Supermarket

A.D.S Veg Fruit on Fola Osibo

This is my go to fruit & vegetables spot in Lekki; Watermelon, Pineapples, Plantains, Local Lemons, Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Lettuce, Carrots… should I continue? So far so good their prices are pretty reasonable. They are located in a parking lot corner right opposite Grandex. For their address, phone #, and other contact details, click here.

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Supermarkets in Lekki – A.D.S Veg Fruit

Ebeano on Admiralty Way

At the end of the day, major shout out to Ebeano. Of all the supermarkets in Lekki, Ebeano has the most variety, decent prices, ample parking, and shares a space with Titto’s Shawarma and my new fav smoothie spot. But Ebeano is really messy; I keep having awful checkout experiences and Village Market really stinks.

Supermarkets in Lekki – Ebeano Supermarket

Final Thoughts on Supermarkets in Lekki

In this post I’ve only focused on other places I’d go for stuff I usually find at Ebeano, however, our friends at Living in Lekki have created an extensive list of other supermarkets you should check out (think Daytona, Trimart, to name a few).

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