Kumuyi identifies forgiveness as panacea for peace, unity in the society

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Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has identified forgiveness as panacea for peace and unity in the church and society.

The man of God said even though there are offences that can leave a deep cut in people’s hearts, there is always need for anybody who feels offended by actions of another person, to take the initiative for reconciliation and forgiveness.

Pastor Kumuyi who preached during Monday Bible study on the topic, “Forgiveness in the fellowship of the father’s family”, emphasized that people should go beyond seeking for forgiveness from human to seeking forgiveness from God as that is the surest path to heaven.

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The Deeper Life founder who drew his reading from Matthew 18:15-17, urged Christians to stay within the confine of their fellowship to settle any case they have with fellow Christians.

He added that if such a believer neglects all entreaties initiated for reconciliation, such a person should be regarded as a publican that should be preached to, prayed for and even be assisted.

“You don’t need to carry any grudge in your heart. As a believer, we must come to a place of maturity where were should forgive without bearing grudges against any offender.

“Personal forgiveness cannot take one to heaven until such a person is born again.”

The man of God revealed that even though Moses forgave the children of Israel for their idol worship, they needed the forgiveness of God to make it to the promised land, reason he said God allowed only Joshua and Caleb into the promised land.

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“As evil and terrorising Saul was, David forgave him even when he had opportunity to kill him. The forgiveness David gave was not sufficient to take Saul to heaven. He needed forgiveness from God.

“The forgiveness we give as human is not enough to take backsliders to heaven. Anybody who is not free from sin cannot set another person free. If you bind yourself with the chord of animosity you cannot pray for anything to happen. Lose that chord of hatred first then you will have the freedom and anything you say God will confirm it in heaven.”

Pastor Kumuyi noted that reason Christians bind on earth but those things the bind are not bound in heaven is because of sin that is binding such Christians .

“When there is holiness, not even Satan can stop whatever we bind on earth to be bound in heaven. When you stand as a real child of God and iniquities far from you, whatever you agree and disagree on earth will be done same in heaven.

“God wants us to clear off all sins and when we unite in holiness anything we do shall be forgiven.” The man of God said.

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