MONKEYPOX: Lagos State leads as disease spreads to 26 states

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With reports from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) that Lagos state leads as in number of cases of monkeypox and the confirmation by LASUTH Ikeja that they now have recorded cases of patients with monkeypox, it’s about time same arsenals deployed in combating the dreaded ebola and corona virus diseases are assembled to checkmate the further spread of the disease.

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People are advised to visit hospitals for regular checkups because according to the authorities at LASUTH Ikeja, there have been signs of people on the streets who though have the symptoms of the disease are oblivious of the fact that they have them as some mistake them for chickenpox while others presume them to be the normal rashes that comes as the aftermath of a fever they have received treatment for.

The monkeypox according to the NCDC, the monkeypox rare viral zoonotic infectious disease transmitted from animals to humans that occur sporadically primarily in remote villages of Central and West Africa near tropical rainforests.

Nigeria being populated with nomadic people is one of the countries in Africa where the disease is endemic. According to the agency, from January to July 24, 2022 three deaths linked to the disease were recorded in three states of Delta, Lagos and Osun all recording one case apiece. Since then Lagos has gone ahead to record the highest number of monkeypox-related deaths with the figure presently above eighty.

Swollen lymph nodes: symptom of the dreaded disease

According to a report by Ajayi, G.O Assistant Director of Medical Laboratory Services, LASUTH Ikeja below are necessary precautions to take in the event of noticing symptoms of the disease

  1. If you are presently experiencing fever and seeing signs of rashes on your skin, kindly alert the necessary authorities.
    Don’t keep it to yourself!
  2. Avoid body to body contact in the bus or public places
  3. Use your mask at any instant without hesitation or fear of criticism
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly after every contact with people or common objects or places
  5. Take your bath as soon as you get home from any outing
  6. Spread used clothes to dry in the sun or wash as appropriate
  7. Use hand sanitiser regularly
  8. Lastly, students in hostels should mind what is shared and do not hesitate to prevent unnecessary contacts with people, beddings and utensils .
  9. Monkey pox is real and spreading fast .

10 . Thank you for adhering šŸ™.


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