N40billion Car Purchases For The 10th National Assembly – Rufai Oseni reacts

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Rufai Oseni, a Popular Nigerian TV host, has shared his thoughts on the proposed plan by the Senate and House of Representatives to spend N40 billion on purchasing vehicles for lawmakers.

Oseni lamented that the Senate was planning on gifting the Japanese 40 billion naira all in the name of purchasing vehicles.

However, According to him, “Hahahaha! Shallow mindset! We are taking 40billion dollars and gifting the Japanese economy in the name of buying cars.Let’s start by mandating government officials to drive Nigerian-made cars and I know we are ready, currently, a ti ready rara!

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“The shocking part is how we don’t support our own local car manufacturers but we are quick to run abroad to import cars.We are such a big joke!

“Our Lawmakers are so concerned about their pocket,one wonders if they ever think of the people.

“Why buy new cars for lawmakers,what happened to the cars they used in the last assembly?

“The government of America supports its own auto companies. Show me an American president that drives a Mercedes? Almost all African presidents do anyway!

“Spending 40 billion Naira on Japanese cars for govt officials when Nigerians produce cars in Nigeria.This thinking will never grow the economy!”

Oseni wondered the reason government officials do not support local manufacturers but are quick to run abroad to import cars.

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