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Nobody wants to hear their child being described as a mannerless child, but the truth remains that some children are mannerless and disrespectful. Then again, I don’t really blame these children, because if they knew better, they would do better, if their parents took time to instill these good manners in them and also model these good manners to them, they will know and do better. As you know, children are copy cats and their minds are like a clean slate(tabular rasa), whatever you write on the slate of their mind, sticks.

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So today, I will be sharing a few good manners every parent should teach their child.

1. Greetings: teach them to open their mouth and greet. They must greet their parents every morning and also greet others. It’s not proper to see an adult and then stand and moop, until you are reminded to greet.

2. Thank You: teach them that they must say thank you to you as their parents when you do something for them, and also say thank you to others when they get a help, favour or gift. Gratitude is an attitude that never goes out of style.

 3:keep your mouth shut: it is very rude to see children putting their mouth in adult conversations, and also in matters that they are not invited into. One way to stop this is to warn them never to indulge in what doesn’t concern them. This will save them from a lot of trouble as they grow. Because people who mind their business, get into less trouble.

4. Don’t interrupt: that moment you are having a  conversation with someone either physically or on the phone, is the time they will come and start saying all the things in their mouth, asking you unnecessary questions , thereby interrupting your conversation, this act can be annoying, and should be nipped in the bud.

5.Respect privacy: teach them that it is wrong to listen to other people’s phone conversations and also read their text messages without permission. Also let them know it is wrong to  take your phone or other people’s phone  without  permission all in the name of looking for games to play.

6:Use the magic words: it is key that we teach and insist that our children use the magic words(please, excuse me, sorry, thank you, pardon me and may I), they should also take permission from their siblings before taking any of their items. It’s called mutual respect.

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7. Knock: some children have the habit of badging into people’s room without knocking and that is wrong. One way to correct and teach them this , is for us the parents to make sure we knock before entering their rooms, especially when then are teenagers.

8. Wait for your turn:  the tendency of one child wanting to talk over the other child  when you  are trying to settle dispute between them , will always present itself. This might be a strategy  by the accused to shut the defendant up. As a parent, we should insist the other person should remain quiet, and wait for his or her turn to talk. Interrupting people when they are talking is a bad manner.

8.Respect  boundaries: This one also applies to us parents. We generally should learn to respect people’s boundaries. When someone says they don’t like  or are not comfortable with what you are doing to them, let’s all try to respect them and step back  to review the situation. We should also respect our children’s boundaries. What works with child A, might not be okay with child B.

10. No body shaming: we all can’t be same in size, shape, height etc. So teach your children that it is not proper to body shame anyone because of their look. A lot of people have slided into depression because of the act of body shaming( verbal abuse).

   Please add yours to the list. Thanks.

 Hope you learnt something new today. Feel free to send in your contribution and opinions and also share the article with others to read.

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