TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA – 2021: Dowen College, Lekki Makes List

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There is a popular saying that “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. This sentiment is obviously shared by many Nigerian parents who would go out of their way to enroll their kids in so called “expensive” schools where they believe such kids would thrive.

In today’s world, the purpose of education is beyond eradicating ignorance; it’s to provide a solid foundation on which students can build to assess extraordinary opportunities; reach their greatest potential and achieve greatness. However, in Nigeria, most schools do not have the capacity to afford kids these opportunities.

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Little wonder some parents in Nigeria would make great sacrifices so their children can attend schools where their kids would better thrive. These schools are generally tagged “expensive”. It should be noted that “expensive” is relative and what is expensive to one parent is affordable to another.

Many parents, however cannot genuinely afford these expensive schools and would rather settle for a less expensive school where they feel their kids would get a semblance of quality education. Nonetheless, it is the desire of every Nigerian parent to give their kids quality education and if possible, enroll their kids in one of these expensive schools.

If you are a parent in Nigeria and you want to have an idea of some of the most expensive and good schools – in Nigeria in 2021, this list will give you a heads up.

Below is a list of some of the most expensive schools in Nigeria in 2021 and a reasonable idea of their school fees.

Most expensive schools in Nigeria in 2021

Please note that this list is in no particular order.

The information in this blog post may need further confirmation from the schools’ authorities. We encourage you to contact school of interest for updated information.

  1. Daywaterman College
  2. Grange School
  3. British International School, Lagos
  4. Lekki British international High School
  5. Meadow Hall Lagos
  6. American International School, Lagos
  7. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja
  8. Hillcrest School, Abuja
  9. Dowen College, Lekki
  10. Charles Dale Memorial memorial International School

1. Day Waterman College

Day Waterman College is one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria and rightly so. The school gives good value for their parents’ money.

Day Waterman College (DWC) is a purpose built, co-educational boarding school of 500 students aged 11 to 16.  The College is set on 35 hectares of natural landscape in Asu Village, near Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, less than an hour drive from Lagos.

The College offers world-class facilities in an environment with a natural, peaceful and focused setting. These facilities and equipment of outstanding quality have been provided to support the learning environment, including access to safe recreational areas.

Day Waterman College provides outstanding education that inspires leadership traits as it focuses on the individual child’s ability to excel in the global world. The College is designed to educate young people to become leaders who will be at the forefront of the rapid economic and social development sweeping through Nigeria and the world.

Day Waterman College offers an extensive and varied co-curricular programme, and we strongly encourage our students to participate in these activities to develop new skills, confidence and self- awareness.

Their fee is speculated to be over N3.5 million

  1. Grange School

Arguably one of the best schools in Nigeria that many middle-upper class parents consider affordable. The school is an all through 5 to 16 day and residential School in which pupils, teachers and parents, work and learn together.

Grange operates as a not-for-profit, co-educational, English National Curriculum, independent, day school set on beautiful grounds within the Government Reservation Area (GRA), Ikeja, on the mainland part of Lagos in Nigeria. An off-campus “House” has been included to provide a boarding service to parents and pupils. Our spacious campus includes a variety of well-maintained facilities which create an attractive environment for learning.

Grange School was founded in 1958 by a group of well-meaning British expatriates, to provide education of equivalent standard to that which obtains in the UK.

Grange School’s population is 430 girls and boys in the Primary Section which is from Reception class to Year 6, between the ages of 4+ and 11. There are 326 pupils in the secondary phase being, Year 7 to Year 11, between the ages of 11 and 16+.

The school is said to charge about N3 million

  1. British International School, Lagos

British International School ranks as one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria.

The school has positioned itself as a leading British-styled educational intuition serving both the Nigerian and expatriate students, thus, they give value for money.

BIS is a multi-national, co-educational school offering a British style curriculum to students aged between 11 and 18 years. It serves both the Nigerian local community and expatriates looking for a British education within an international setting.

It is both day and boarding with boarders representing approximately one-third of the current school population. Weekly boarding is offered alongside full boarding and we offer a family atmosphere in which all students are known and valued, with class sizes never going above twenty.

Students are prepared for the IGCSE and Advanced Level courses of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) with enviable success in terms of results.

The school is said to charge over N4 million per child.

Most expensive schools in Nigeria in 2021

  1. Lekki British International School

Lekki British Senior School is the first British Boarding school in Lagos, Nigeria.

Their aim at Lekki British School is to allow your child discover and develop their unique talents within a disciplined and caring, traditional British School environment.

Their mission is to provide an environment in which each individual is assisted to discover his or her academic potential in study, sports and personal development. The school offers programmes such as pre-school, junior school, high-school and advanced classes.

Lekki British International school charges about N4 million.

  1.  Meadow Hall School, Lagos

Many also see Meadow Hall school as one of the most expensive schools in Lagos and rightly so. The school is one of the leading private schools that providing quality education in Nigeria.

Meadow Hall is a co-educational institution founded in July 2002 where an integrated scheme made up of the British National Curriculum and the Nigerian Curriculum is offered. We are committed to raising excellent and Godly children that will attain their highest potential in life. We emphasise the importance of cognitive as well as non-cognitive learning, and our world class facilities prove this.

The school charges about N3 million per child.

  1. American International School, Lagos

American International School Lagos is one of the expensive schools Lagos.

The school offers preschool through 12th grade, and our high school students graduate with a United States High School diploma, in addition they have the opportunity to earn the International Baccalaureate diploma. Their graduates attend, and are successful in, universities throughout the world.

AISL is an international school with an amazing and supportive community. Parents, educators, school board members, alumni, and other supporters continually show their love and dedication to the school.

Their school fees range between N4 – 4.5 million.

  1. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja

Loyola Jesuit College (LJC) is part of the worldwide family of Jesuit schools run by the Society of Jesus in Abuja, Nigeria in Africa.

Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja is a co-educational boarding secondary school in the Jesuit tradition. The college opened with JSS-1 in 1996, and now has over 600 students in JSS-1 to SSS-3. It is a full boarding school, with teaching and supervision from members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in collaboration with the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and dedicated lay teachers and staff.

The school is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria in Africa, situated on a beautiful 28.5-hectare site in the village of Gidan Mangoro. The school provides an atmosphere conducive to focused learning.

            Most expensive schools in Nigeria in 2021

Students of Loyola Jesuit are said to pay around N3 million.

  1. Hillcrest School, Abuja

Hillcrest’s primary purpose is to provide a Christian perspective in the context of education, whilst encouraging students towards a genuine, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The school seeks to train individuals to become active, vital parts of their communities, and to encourage an appreciation of their place in and obligation to the world around them.

The school is committed to developing complete and mature persons, accountable to God and responsible for their own actions, in keeping with our tradition of high academic and spiritual standards

The school is located at 13 Old Bukuru Road, PO Box 652, Jos. Plateau State.

Their school fees is said to be between N2 – 3 Million

  1. Dowen College, Lekki

Dowen College

Best Sixth Form College In Lekki Ajah Lagos is an independent co-educational boarding and day school for the children aged 11 to 18. Dowen offers a broad and balanced education within a friendly, caring and happy environment. The school prides themselves in focusing on the individual student because we appreciate the fact that each child is unique.

They mould students to be global citizens therefore we employ a fully integrated international curriculum in our syllabus. For this reason also, our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 20 students.

They are located at 18 Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos Nigeria.

The school fees is around N2 million.

  1. Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt

Charles Dale School is a co-educational and multi-cultural admitting students both nationally and internationally. It is strictly boarding and has standard living, learning and recreational facilities. It is recognized and celebrated for the strength of its programs, its warm and nurturing culture, and its strong sense of community.

They are an established school that has worked hard over a number of years to provide good education to all our students and provide them with opportunities to develop. Their commitment is to know every student as an individual. Through strong leadership supported by governance we seek to foster the principles of team spirit, responsibility, and care for others.

 At the core of the school ethos is a determination to provide students with the resources to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners through an international, inquiry based programme of learning.

Their school fees is about N2 million.

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